An adsorptive and absorptive dressing with bacterial binding properties.

Safe and user-friendly, Cerdak ceramic wound dressing brings relief to all kinds of acute and chronic wounds.

Developed and manufactured in South Africa, Cerdak is a unique wound dressing that is safe and user-friendly. The use of Cerdak is enhancing the quality of life of thousands of patients suffering from a wide variety of acute and chronic wounds. This world-class product is backed by appropriate quality management systems that continuously improve its technical innovation.

Cerdak ceramic wound dressing consists of ceramic granules sealed in a sterile pouch. The micro-porous ceramic in the dressing absorbs excess wound moisture while micro-organisms suspended in the moisture adsorbs into the surface of the ceramic, giving it anti-microbial properties. Adsorption and atmospheric oxygen on the clean and moist wound bed creates ideal conditions for natural, fast and effective healing.

Less inflammation

Inflammation-causing micro-organisms and elements contained in the exudate are permanently removed from the wound by adsorption and absorption.

Reduced bacterial load

Rapid reduction of bacterial load due to strong binding between micro-organisms and ceramic without the negative effect of topical antibiotics.

Support marginal tissue

Marginal or fragile tissue are protected from the wound bed and elements on the wound bed, preventing further tissue damage.

Prevents infection

Strong binding between micro-organisms and ceramic prevents colonization and infection.

Less scarring

Optimise cell proliferation and limits dysfunctional healing by constant cleansing of the wound bed.

Constant oxygen supply

Loosely packed granules are permeable to atmospheric oxygen, even when saturated with moisture.